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If you aspire to pursue a career in medicine and surgery, Ghana offers excellent opportunities to fulfill your dreams. Ghanaian universities have been striving to provide world-class medical education, producing skilled healthcare professionals who contribute significantly to the nation’s healthcare system. In this article, we present a detailed list of universities in Ghana that offer Medicine and Surgery, along with insights, first-hand experiences, and credible sources to guide aspiring medical students towards the right educational path.

List of Universities in Ghana That Offer Medicine and Surgery

  1. University of Ghana Medical School (UGMS):
    • Location: Accra, Ghana
    • Overview: UGMS, established in 1962, is one of the oldest and most prestigious medical schools in Ghana. It boasts state-of-the-art facilities and experienced faculty, making it a top choice for medical aspirants.
  2. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology School of Medical Sciences (KNUST SMS):
    • Location: Kumasi, Ghana
    • Overview: KNUST SMS is renowned for its research-oriented approach and commitment to producing competent medical practitioners. The school offers various specializations in medicine and surgery.
  3. University of Cape Coast School of Medical Sciences (UCC SMS):
    • Location: Cape Coast, Ghana
    • Overview: UCC SMS is dedicated to nurturing compassionate and skilled medical professionals. The school emphasizes community-based healthcare and practical training.
  4. University for Development Studies School of Medicine and Health Sciences (UDS SMHS):
    • Location: Tamale, Ghana
    • Overview: UDS SMHS focuses on addressing healthcare challenges in rural areas. The school offers a well-rounded medical curriculum with a strong emphasis on public health.
  5. University of Allied Health Sciences (UAHS):
    • Location: Ho, Ghana
    • Overview: UAHS specializes in allied health sciences, including various medical disciplines. It collaborates with other universities to provide comprehensive medical training.
  6. University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS):
    • Location: Sokode-Lokoe, Ghana
    • Overview: UHAS is committed to promoting a healthy society through its quality medical education and research programs. It offers a diverse range of medical courses.
  7. Family Health Medical School (FHMS):
    • Location: Teshie, Accra, Ghana
    • Overview: FHMS focuses on producing medical professionals with strong ethical values. The school’s curriculum is designed to foster both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
  8. Accra College of Medicine (ACM):
    • Location: Accra, Ghana
    • Overview: ACM is a private medical school that provides an excellent learning environment and modern facilities to its students. It collaborates with leading hospitals for clinical training.
  9. Central University, Miotso School of Medicine (CU MSoM):
    • Location: Miotso, Ghana
    • Overview: CU MSoM follows international standards in medical education. The school’s faculty comprises experienced doctors and researchers.
  10. Pentecost University College, School of Medicine (PUC SM):
    • Location: Sowutuom, Accra, Ghana
    • Overview: PUC SM is committed to producing socially responsible healthcare practitioners. The school focuses on holistic medical education.
  11. Valley View University, School of Medical Sciences (VVU SMS):
    • Location: Oyibi, Ghana
    • Overview: VVU SMS offers a rigorous medical curriculum and encourages students to participate in community health programs.
  12. African University College of Communications, Medical School (AUCC MS):
    • Location: Adabraka, Accra, Ghana
    • Overview: AUCC MS combines communication skills with medical education, producing doctors with excellent interpersonal abilities.
  13. Regentropfen College of Applied Sciences, School of Medicine (RCAS SM):
    • Location: Accra, Ghana
    • Overview: RCAS SM focuses on practical training, allowing students to gain real-world experience from an early stage.
  14. Wisconsin International University College, School of Medical Sciences (WIUC SMS):
    • Location: Agbogba, Accra, Ghana
    • Overview: WIUC SMS adopts a multidisciplinary approach to medical education, preparing students for diverse healthcare challenges.
  15. Zenith University College, School of Medicine (ZUC SM):
    • Location: La, Accra, Ghana
    • Overview: ZUC SM offers personalized medical education with small class sizes and individual attention from faculty.
  16. Presbyterian University College, School of Medicine (PUC SM):
    • Location: Abetifi-Kwahu, Ghana
    • Overview: PUC SM focuses on promoting the values of compassion, empathy, and professionalism among its medical graduates.
  17. Radford University College, School of Medicine (RUC SM):
    • Location: Accra, Ghana
    • Overview: RUC SM follows a competency-based medical education model, ensuring students are well-prepared for their careers.
  18. Christ Apostolic University College, School of Medicine (CAUC SM):
    • Location: Anaji, Takoradi, Ghana
    • Overview: CAUC SM emphasizes research and innovation in medical practice, encouraging students to contribute to advancements in healthcare.
  19. BlueCrest College, School of Medical and Life Sciences (BC SM):
    • Location: Greater Accra, Ghana
    • Overview: BC SM offers a diverse range of medical programs and fosters a culture of continuous learning.
  20. Mountcrest University College, School of Medical and Health Sciences (MUC SMHS):
    • Location: Kanda, Accra, Ghana
    • Overview: MUC SMHS focuses on producing medical professionals who can address the unique health challenges in Africa.
  21. Spiritan University College, School of Medicine (SUC SM):
    • Location: Ejisu, Ghana
    • Overview: SUC SM integrates medical education with spiritual values, promoting a holistic approach to healthcare.
  22. Data Link University College, School of Medicine (DLUC SM):
    • Location: Tema, Ghana
    • Overview: DLUC SM offers a student-centered medical curriculum, encouraging active participation in learning.
  23. Ghana Baptist University College, School of Medicine (GBUC SM):
    • Location: Abuakwa, Kumasi, Ghana
    • Overview: GBUC SM focuses on promoting ethical conduct and professionalism among its medical graduates.
  24. Maranatha University College, School of Medicine (MUC SM):
    • Location: Accra, Ghana
    • Overview: MUC SM places a strong emphasis on community-based healthcare and public health awareness.
  25. Evangelical Presbyterian University College, School of Medical Sciences (EPUC SMS):
    • Location: Ho, Ghana
    • Overview: EPUC SMS aimsto produce healthcare professionals who can serve rural and underserved communities effectively.

      Ghana’s Medical Education Landscape

      Ghana has made significant strides in developing its medical education landscape over the years. The country recognizes the importance of training skilled medical professionals to address the healthcare needs of its growing population. Medical schools in Ghana adhere to strict quality standards and have earned recognition both regionally and internationally.

      Studying medicine in Ghana offers several advantages. Students get exposed to a diverse range of medical cases, including tropical diseases prevalent in the region. Additionally, they have the opportunity to work closely with experienced medical practitioners and researchers, gaining valuable practical knowledge.

      What Makes a Good Medical School?

      Choosing the right medical school is crucial for every aspiring medical student. A good medical school provides not only an excellent academic curriculum but also practical training, research opportunities, and a supportive learning environment. Here are some factors to consider when evaluating medical schools:

      1. Accreditation: Ensure that the medical school is accredited by the relevant authorities. Accreditation ensures that the institution meets the required standards and offers recognized degrees.
      2. Faculty: A strong and experienced faculty is essential for quality medical education. Look for medical schools with professors and instructors who are experts in their fields.
      3. Facilities: State-of-the-art facilities and well-equipped laboratories enhance the learning experience. Access to modern medical equipment is crucial for practical training.
      4. Clinical Exposure: Clinical rotations and hands-on experience in hospitals are vital for medical students. Check whether the medical school has affiliations with reputable hospitals for clinical training.
      5. Research Opportunities: Medical research plays a crucial role in advancing healthcare. Choose a medical school that encourages and supports research activities.
      6. Student Support: Medical school can be challenging, so a supportive learning environment is essential. Look for institutions that offer counseling, academic support, and resources for students.


      Q: What are the entry requirements for medical schools in Ghana?

      A: Entry requirements for medical schools in Ghana vary among institutions. Generally, applicants need to have excellent grades in relevant science subjects, such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics or Mathematics. Additionally, most schools require candidates to pass an entrance examination and undergo an interview process.

      Q: Is it possible for international students to study medicine in Ghana?

      A: Yes, many medical schools in Ghana accept international students. However, international applicants must meet specific eligibility criteria, including academic qualifications and language proficiency.

      Q: How long does it take to complete medical school in Ghana?

      A: The duration of medical school in Ghana is typically six years. This includes five years of classroom and practical training and one year of compulsory internship.

      Q: Are there scholarship opportunities for medical students in Ghana?

      A: Some medical schools in Ghana offer scholarships and financial aid to deserving students. Additionally, external organizations and government agencies may provide scholarships to support medical education.

      Q: What are the career prospects for medical graduates in Ghana?

      A: Medical graduates in Ghana have promising career prospects. They can work in public or private hospitals, research institutions, and public health agencies. Some may choose to specialize in specific medical fields or pursue further studies abroad.

      Q: Are medical schools in Ghana recognized internationally?

      A: Yes, several medical schools in Ghana are recognized internationally. However, it is essential to verify the recognition status of the specific school you are interested in.


      Pursuing a career in medicine and surgery is a noble and fulfilling path. Ghana offers a range of excellent medical schools that provide quality education and practical training to aspiring healthcare professionals. Whether you are a Ghanaian student or an international applicant, choosing a medical school from the comprehensive list provided above will set you on the right track towards a successful medical career.

      Remember that each medical school has its unique strengths, so take the time to research and visit the campuses if possible. Gather information from credible sources, and seek advice from current medical students or alumni. Ultimately, selecting the right medical school will significantly impact your journey towards becoming a skilled and compassionate healthcare practitioner.


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